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Evie Blue Cleaners

We believe high-quality and sustainability go hand in hand. Our plastic-free sachets, reusable bottles and biodegradable soluble powders reduce waste, while controlling costs by controlling portions.

Evie Blue Groupshot Sanitizer Cleaner.png
Evie Blue Groupshot Interior Cleaner.png
Evie Blue Groupshot Sanitairy Cleaner.png

Sanitary Cleaner

Function: Daily Sanitary & Lime cleaner

(High Hygienic power)

Interior Cleaner

Function: Daily Interior cleaner

Sanitizer Cleaner

Function: Hygienic surface cleaner

(Extreme Hygienic power)

Evie Blue Groupshot Floor Cleaner.png
Evie Blue Groupshot Carpet Cleaner.png
Evie Blue Groupshot Kitchen Cleaner.png

Floor Cleaner

Function: Daily Floor cleaner

(pH neutral)

Kitchen Cleaner

Function: Daily Kitchen cleaner/degreaser

(pH neutral)

Carpet Cleaner

Function: Textile, Carpet

and Rug cleaner

All purpose Cleaner Patchouli Rain Box 12 stuks.png
All purpose cleaner Patchouli Rain Bottle 500ml.png

All Purpose Cleaner: Patchouli Rain

Function: Daily All Purpose Cleaner

(high scented)

All purpose Cleaner Lavender Box 12 stuks.png
All purpose cleaner Lavender Bottle 500ml.png

All Purpose Cleaner: Lavender

Function: Daily All Purpose Cleaner

(high scented)

Evie Blue Groupshot Glass Cleaner.png

Interior Perfume: Mandarin Bay

Function: Fruity Interior Perfume

& odor neutralizer

Glass Cleaner

Function: Mirror & Glass Cleaner

Mandarin Bay Bottle 500ml.png
Mandarin Bay Pouch 500ml.png
Evie Blue Floor Pro Potje 75gr.png

Floor Cleaner Pro

Function: High Alkaline Floor cleaner (pH12)

Evie Blue Decreaser Pro Potje 75gr.png

Degreaser Pro

Function: High Alkaline Degreaser


Sanitary descaler Pro.png

Sanitary Renewer Descaler

Function: Acid based Limescale cleaner

Baltic Amber refill box closed.png

Manual Foam Dispenser with Refills

Function: Foam dispenser

sanitary cleaner
interior cleaner
floor cleaner
sanitizer cleaner
kitchen cleaner
carpet cleaner
sanitary renewer
patchouli rain
glass cleaner
mandarin bay
floor cleaner pro
degreaser pro
foam dispenser
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