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Ecologically developed professional daily floor cleaner for all types of floors. Removes easy daily soiling with extra caring and antistatic effect. Has a lasting effect on all type of floors.


Usage: The product must be applied undiluted to the prescribed mixing ratio in a spray bottle, mop cart using “flat” mop (microfiber), soft brush or single brush polishing machines or other suitable containers. After application, allow cleaner to act for a few seconds to easily clean the surface. If polishing, polish with a soft disk for the best glossy result. For professional use only.


Strength: Degreasing power, antistatic, hypoallergenic, 100% biodegradable. Can be used on any type water-resistant surface.

Floor Cleaner - Refills

ƒ47,22 Regular Price
ƒ37,78Sale Price
  • (nature) stone, tiles, metal, pvc, laminate, wood, plastics, glass and all waterproof surfaces

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