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Ecologically developed professional degreaser for all types of stainless steel, tile and other water-repellent surfaces. Easily removes daily contaminants such as:natural/mineral fats and oils.


Usage: The product should be applied undiluted at the prescribed mixing ratio using a soft (microfiber) cloth, sponge or soft brush. After application, allow it to act for a few seconds and rinse surfaces with warm water. If necessary, polish with a soft cloth for optimum results. The combination of prescribed mixing ratio kitchen degreaser with hot water can easily clean fry pans, exhaust hoods and stainless steel air filters. Use the product in combination with a high pressure foam nozzle system and easily clean large kitchen surfaces. For professional use only.


Strength: Degreasing power, antistatic, hypoallergenic, 100% biodegradable. Can be used on any type water-resistant surface.

Kitchen Cleaner - Refills

ƒ40,66 Regular Price
ƒ32,53Sale Price
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